On Turning A Year Older

I’ve never been one for big celebrations of birthdays – being the centre of attention at a party I spent months planning is simply not for me. But taking the time to reflect on this past year, seems pretty right when so much has happened.

I quit a job in the Australian Outback and said goodbye to the friends I’d made during that part of my life. While I was sad to leave behind some parts of the country lifestyle, I was not sad to say goodbye to the mullet. I sold all of my belongings that wouldn’t fit in my car (a very small Honda Jazz) before packing up what remained – clothes and about three boxes of books – and driving 1000 km to deposit it all in my old teenage bedroom at my mother’s house.

I flew with one suitcase to the other side of the world (not an exaggeration) and began a new life in London. I found a home, made friends, and met the first man that made me happily consider building a life together. I travelled to new countries and continents both alone and with friends. And, I made many mistakes navigating uptight (which is meant in the most loving way) British culture – from saying ‘pants’, ‘thongs’ to dropping the C-bomb in front of incredibly polite and horrified British people.

But perhaps most of all, I started this blog. I have been planning and thinking about starting a blog of my own since stumbling across some of my favourites (This Battered Suitcase and Katrinka Abroad to name a couple) and obsessively reading them while planning my own travels. But I had always shied away from the idea of actually starting my own. However, recently I took the plunge and decided to put myself out there. Shout out to the two whole people who read my last post.. one of who is most likely my mother (hi mum!).

This year has been one of the best so far in my 20s. Not least because of the travel opportunities, but because it is the year when I decided to leave what was making me unhappy, placed myself far out of my comfort zone, and prioritised my health and happiness over work. Cheers to last year. Here’s to hoping the next year is just as action packed and love filled.


2007 – My first time in Paris as a teenager. I swear side fringes were cool!
Ten years later and still in love with Paris

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  1. Byron of _misfit_moves

    Happy birthday, nameless one. May the winds of travel forever blow in your favor!

    1. Beyond the Sunburnt Country

      Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the read. And you’re the first comment I’ve had on a blog post yet 🙂

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