Only in Brighton

There is a local saying when something is a little out of the ordinary – ‘only in Brighton’. And boy is it true! Brighton is full of weird and wacky places. This seaside town has a relaxed and liberal attitude (as far as uptight English culture goes!) which has allowed people to express themselves openly. Only a short train ride from London, Brighton is perfect for a weekend getaway or even a day trip.

How to Spend Your Time in Brighton…

  1. Vintage It Up

Brighton has a thriving vintage and secondhand clothing scene. It will range from the impossibly hipster vintage stores where clothes cost far more than my budget to the more affordable second hand stores. Embrace the smell of mothballs and find yourself a truly unique ensemble.

Enjoying the seaside, Brighton

  1. Binge on Vegan Food

For a smaller city, Brighton has always been open minded and encompassing of all lifestyles. This includes its infamous Pride March every year to its thriving vegan community. Almost every cafe or restaurant you stop in will have vegan options to a full vegan menu. Sit up on the balcony (if the typical English drizzle permits) on Kensington Balcony Cafe to indulge in some people watching.

Not so vegan fudge
  1. Pass an Afternoon in the Arcade

Head to the iconic Brighton Pier to chew through money on the arcade games. It is tacky, garish, and loud! But the atmosphere is infectious. While it is easy to lose track of time in the neon lights of the arcade and to emerge dazed and with significantly emptier pockets, don’t forget to enjoy the ocean view from the pier.

The view from Brighton Pier
  1. Afternoon Tea Surrounded by the Royal Family

The Tea Cosy is a warm and inviting tearoom that is filled with gaudy Royal Family and British memorabilia. As an adopted British citizen, I adore this fascination with the Royal Family even if I don’t entirely understand it myself. The menu involves homemade Sussex Cream Teas, cakes, scones, and an extensive tea menu. It is very popular so a booking is a good idea if you want to be guaranteed a seat.

Strategically placed boat along Brighton foreshore
  1. Smelling Pretty

Eden Perfumes is a vegan perfume store in the main street of Brighton. They claim to be able to match your favourite perfume with a similar vegan option. But, the store itself must be seen! The walls are covered with vials of oil all with simply a number to identify them. Choosing just one perfume is the difficult task!

Street art is around every corner in Brighton

6. The Lanes

No post on Brighton would ever be complete without mentioning The Lanes. The Lanes are a collection of twisting narrow streets famous for their small shops including several antique dealers. Spend a relaxing afternoon navigating this fabulous maze!

Spotted! Street Art in Brighton

While you will never be short of things to do in Brighton, don’t forget to take a long leisurely stroll along the foreshore. The beaches in Brighton are covered in black pebbles and dotted with people enjoying (considerably overpriced) fish and chips. In typical Brighton style, there are plenty of market stalls selling sand castle buckets and spades despite the fact that there is no sand to be seen – only in Brighton!

After being in the hustle and bustle of London for so long, I loved seeing the ocean again and being in a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously (take note commuters of London!). The people are friendly and love is evident in all the nooks and crannies of the city. Brighton is a place that will make you smile, laugh, and enjoy the lighter side of life.

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Have you been to Brighton? What are some of your favourite places in this city?