October Monthly Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog on here. That is starting to become a reoccurring theme. I don’t plan to take breaks and they aren’t for some wholesome internet detox. It isn’t even because I’m so busy with non-blog life – unless binge watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Haunting of Hill House counts. I guess, it gets a bit depressing to think about taking the time to write and create something and putting it out into the great silent void.

So, what has been happening since I was last on here?

July and August were spent on an epic Summer adventure through Europe with my best friend and love of my life (now I’m just being smug). We went flying, training, bussing through numerous hot European cities. I spent more time reading and drinking wine than ever before. My feet were sore from exploring new cities, my skin was sticky from ocean salt, and I made a point to watch as many sunsets as possible. Best sunset location – Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a hazy summery dream. I’ll try to capture the delight of that Summer in blog post soon.

Striding towards the Pantheon
Postcard views on a tiny Greek Island

September and October have been a busy blur of back to school madness mixed with delight in Autumn colours. I’ve written a blog post about my love affair with Autumn colours here and as an Antipodean from the Tropics, Autumn is entirely new to me. Seeing the trees turn orange and red and crunching my way home through littered leaves, has to be one of my favourite experiences in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet, Autumn is a strange time. It is so fluid and temperamental. Nothing feels permanent. All this glory will not last. While I should be embracing the joy all the more simply because it is fleeting, it still imbues a sense of sadness.

Hunting for Autumn colours on a weekend trip to Amsterdam

London is well and truly heading into Winter with the sun rising later and setting earlier. I leave home in the dark and then leave work in the dark. I catch rare glimpses of cold sunlight during the day when I can venture out of the classroom but largely I am drowning under a pile of marking. I have a limited amount of time left in London. I’ll be moving back to Australia during Spring next year. So really, I have limited weekends that should be spent exploring this city rather than marking ‘Of Mice and Men’ essays. Finding a balance seems impossible some days. If anyone has solved that particular mystery, please hit me up in the comments below!

Looking for ways to find balance.. or maybe just the next stroopwaffel

What I’m reading:

Normal People by Sally Rooney

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Putney by Sofka Zinovieff

What I’m listening to:

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Season Four Podcast

Les eaux de Mars by Stacey Kent

What I’m watching:

The Haunting of Hill House